A Reader Just Like Me

Here's a little update about my life. I have been unemployed for almost six months already. And before you jump into any conclusions and judge me by my inability to get myself a job. I would like to say that I am not proud of that fact and I have been trying for the past … Continue reading A Reader Just Like Me



"I was asleep but now I'm woke." In a world of full fake news there lies a greater threat and that is pretend perfection. Right now you can't help but wonder what is real and what is not. Especially what you see online. We are constantly striving to be politically, socially and even grammatically correct. … Continue reading #StayWoke


I remember when i was becoming an adult my mom would never ask me where I had been if I got home late. She was not the kind of mom who would interrogate you on where you are going or what time will you be home. There was even one time when I had a … Continue reading Home