The Art of Cheating

Sorry to click bait you but NO this is not a manual on HOW TO CHEAT. This is not a “Cheating for Dummies” kind of article either. I would never write about that unless I want to be condemn for all eternity or be burn on the stake. This is my own take own about … Continue reading The Art of Cheating


The Perfect Goodbye

I should have said goodbye that first time we met. I still remember that moment like it was just yesterday. Your eyes, your smile and how you towered me. Making me imagine how I would have to tiptoe if I were to kiss you. Just a random thought. There was no spark. Nothing was really … Continue reading The Perfect Goodbye


I remember when i was becoming an adult my mom would never ask me where I had been if I got home late. She was not the kind of mom who would interrogate you on where you are going or what time will you be home. There was even one time when I had a … Continue reading Home